Hideaways Partners

Partner Properties

In addition to our own lodges and camps we’ve added a selection of partner properties that are privately owned and managed independently, in order to provide the absolute best experiences for our clients.

These partner properties share in the same values and views on eco-philosophy and conservation as Hideaways. Perfectly positioned in the most popular wilderness areas of Zimbabwe and Botswana, these partner properties can now be experienced within the safari packages and circuits that we provide for our clients. We select our partner properties through continuous evaluation, with the best service and highest standards being of the utmost significance.

What we do for our Partners

Properties featured as one of our partners will be exposed to our vast network of international and local agencies. We also include partner properties in our carefully designed safari packages to ensure that our guests experience the best of what Botswana and Zimbabwe have to offer.

Benefits of Partnering with Hideaways

Monthly Newsletters sent to 20 000+ subscribers that include agencies from around the world.

Exposure to our social media audience of 45 000+ Facebook and 6000+ Instagram followers.

Properties are listed on our website that provide 5000+ new monthly visitors.

Interested in joining the Hideaways portfolio?