About Us

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Our Beginnings

With a deep love for Southern Africa, its people and its wildlife, Hideaways was born to share this cherished safari experience with eco-conscious travellers who share an appreciation for the natural splendour of remote locations and the unspoiled beauty of Africa with extraordinary safari experiences in Southern Africa’s most exclusive wilderness conservation areas.

Hideaways’ founders Garth Jenman, a former safari tour guide himself, whose wholehearted passion for Africa, ethics and high service delivery led to the inception of a bespoke portfolio of lodges and experiences that would offer authentic African barefoot luxury that allows guests to fully connect with the inherent magnetism of this ancient land.

From the humble beginnings of Elephant’s Eye Tented Camp, Hwange, our first hand-built eco-lodge in Zimbabwe, a country close to our hearts, we were able to work closely with the local communities to bring our dreams to life and some of our first staff were themselves, shareholders. Since then the Hideaways family of lodges and safari experiences has grown to include new locations in intimate and welcoming settings across three countries. Each is designed to touch the earth lightly, where attention to detail and friendly service in the heart of the African wild ensures an authentic and personalised stay for our guests.

Our Motivation

Hideaways’ slogan “life-changing experiences” is at the heart of everything we do. Not only in the sense that a really special safari holiday can change your life in the things that you experience and the memories you make, but also in the fact that almost every aspect of our guest’s stay is life-changing for someone else too! Whether it is providing employment for the local community, enabling a scholarship sponsorship for a rural child, inspiring future wildlife ambassadors, protecting the environment through eco-friendly practices, and preserving the habitats of the wildlife that makes these areas so special.

Hideaways strives to make a positive impact on the environment, rural communities and the economy of the areas in which we operate in by working hand-in-hand with its people to promote the long-term preservation of our wilderness areas through education, and upliftment and understanding. This core principle motivated us to establish ‘The Grow Africa Foundation’ as a means to bridge the gap between challenges and solutions, goodwill and action.

Our Reality

With over 30 years of travel experience, unprecedented hospitality and the finest bespoke eco-offering, we ensure that our guests experience the best of Southern Africa in absolute comfort and style. Our in-depth knowledge of Southern Africa and all that it has to offer has allowed us to curate the top safari experience packages available in the country. We focus on creating custom-made tours to suit all your requirements down to the last detail, at the best rates and all whilst ensuring that no travel time is wasted on route to your destinations.

As a responsible eco-tourism ambassador, each superbly positioned eco-lodge and experience is a model for sustainable tourism. Encouraging our guests to embrace “off the grid” luxury, we are committed to finding alternative ways to reduce the unnecessary use of energy and non-biodegradable materials for the conservation of this pristine wilderness and its flora and fauna.

Our Promise

At Hideaways, it is our mission to create bespoke, memorable and deeply moving safari experiences for our guests, to experience Africa’s sounds, scents, views and tastes in absolute comfort and style. Our lodges offer excellent service, gourmet food and lavish accommodation with a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Our kind-hearted and exceptionally friendly lodge staff encapsulate the warm reputation Southern Africa is so well known for. They play a key role in ensuring that your experience is an unforgettable one by attending to your every need and putting your desires first. Expert guides will open your eyes to the inner working of this remarkable land, share their tales of adventure and discovery and leave you feeling a serene connection with the natural world.